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A package!

Got me a big ol' box in the mail today. Th' address said it was from flashingturban , so I busted that crate open right quick! What a surprise teh see a collection of bottled soda-drink starin' back up at me! A gift of food an' drink is always appreciated, so my thanks out to yeh, Tiger! The package came with a note sayin' teh keep 'em in low, cold tempratures...well, a'course! Drinks like'at're always best ice cold, huhah!

I stuck a few bottles in my fridge at home to enjoy, but I felt more'n a li'l guilty keepin' all those bottles fer mehself. I love teh drink as much as I love teh eat, yeh, but even so, that there was a lotta bottles. So when I took my fair share, I packaged the rest back up and put a new address on it. I learned what hotel piston_hondo  was stayin' at a li'l bit ago...I figger these soders'll make a dandy "welcome" gift fer ol' Honder! Hope he likes 'em half as much as I plan to!

Welp, think I'll spend the rest of the day kickin' back and thinkin' to myself, like I do. Such peaceful times out here...really helps a guy connect with hisself, eh? An' nice an' restful besides. Mebbe I'll get a chance teh try some'a them soda-drinks this evenin'.

Ugh...what a dream...

I think I done spent too much time training yesserday...when I went teh sleep, I got mehself stuck in this queer dream, I did...

Was all about all'a us gettin' on some bus and bein' taken to an island somehow an' havin' three days teh kill each other...there was chainsaws an' shoutin', an'...an' I think Glassy Joe went plumb crazy! When I woke up, I jess sat in bed fer a minute'r two tryin' ta figure out what it all meant...

But maybe it was all jess meant teh be stupid. Who knows. All I know is, I got a fight tehnight! 7 PM tonight is when Imma fightin' King Hippo! Like I done said, I been trainin' all day yesserday for this. I was so busy trainin', I didn't even get a chance to get on teh wish ya'll a good Canada Day! I feel terrible, but this here's important, so it's alright. Been doublin' the size'a my meals an' punchin' down trees an' trainin' with the bears! Don'tcha'll worry, the bears and I are pals, they like helpin' me out like that.

Been hearin' a lot of people are hopin' for Hippo to win this'un. I ain't let that bother me, but I do hope if I do win it don't disappoint no one too much, eh...

A get-together!

D'aawhh, I'm more excited for this cook-out than my squirrel pal in a bag fulla acorns! The only thing I love more'n fixin' food is eatin' food, an' the only thing I love more'n EATIN' food is eatin' food with friends! And with everyone contributin' there'll be somethin' fer every taste, an' I'monna sample a bit of everythin'! I'm just rarin' to fire up mah stove an' fix up enough home-cookin' to pacify a starvin' bear! Yahaha!

This is a fine howdy-doo

Well, it's one thing teh have that King Hippo get his shorts all in a bunch because of Glassy Joe and get a fixin' to bust his head in, but now it looks like the ol' biggun's got his sights set on me now. I know the WVBA's all about fightin' out our differences, but it's like some people just can't have an ol' heart-to-heart no more. Ah well...better get to gettin' ready for whenever he wants this to go down.

Well howdy eh

Well it looks like ol' Bear Hugger here is finally gettin' his big self onto the internet like everyone else, now ain't he? I heard talk of all the other WVBA fighers gatherin up on this "livejournal" gadget and i sure didnt wanna be left out. Must be easy enough if a bumpkin like me can get myself on it!